How to Contact Facebook Ads Support: Email Address and Alternatives

If you are running Facebook Ads and need support, knowing how to contact Facebook Ads Support is crucial. While Facebook does not provide a direct email address for support, there are several ways to get the help you need.

1. Facebook Business Help Center

The Facebook Business Help Center is the primary resource for troubleshooting issues related to Facebook Ads. It offers a comprehensive range of articles and guides to help you navigate common problems.

Example: If you're having issues with ad approval, you can search for 'ad approval' in the Business Help Center and find detailed steps to resolve your issue.

2. Facebook Ads Support Chat

For more personalized assistance, you can use the live chat feature available in the Facebook Business Help Center. This is particularly useful for urgent issues that require immediate attention.

Example: If your ad account has been disabled, you can initiate a chat session to speak directly with a support representative who can guide you through the steps to reactivate your account.

3. Facebook Ads Support Form

If you prefer written communication, you can fill out the Facebook Ads Support Form. This form allows you to describe your issue in detail and receive a response via email.

Example: If you're experiencing billing issues, you can fill out the form specifying your problem, and a support representative will email you with a resolution.

4. Facebook Ads Manager

Within the Facebook Ads Manager, there are built-in support options that can guide you through resolving issues directly from your dashboard.

Example: If you notice discrepancies in your ad metrics, you can use the 'Help' section within Ads Manager to find troubleshooting tips and contact support if needed.

5. Community Support

Facebook also has a Community Support Forum where you can post your questions and get answers from other advertisers who may have experienced similar issues.

Example: If you're looking for best practices for targeting a specific audience, you can post your question in the forum and receive advice from experienced marketers.


While Facebook does not offer a direct email address for ads support, there are multiple channels available to get the help you need. Whether you prefer live chat, support forms, or community forums, Facebook provides several options to ensure you can resolve your advertising issues effectively.

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